Sunday, 16 April 2017

Murdo Fraser; A Life in Pictures

Gorgeous, eh?
I have this one framed on my desk because it captures the very essence of landowning gentility I aspire to. There isn't a Sunday goes by you won't catch me posing against a fence with a loch somewhere in the background.

But here I am hard at work at the Day Job.
Politics is my life and I see my role as tackling the Scottish Government at every opportunity, whether it's the cut and thrust of the debating chamber or making halfwitted jibes on Twitter. Here I am looking suitably smug that my devastating wit and repartee has left the chamber in fits of helpless laughter, as usual.

Here I am in more reflective mood, on this occasion wondering whether I left the iron on.

Here is my favourite tv show, Outriders.  Not many people know I very nearly auditioned for the hero's role and with my good looks and charisma would most certainly have been cast had the producer not insisted on some actor instead.

One of the perks of my job is getting to meet all sorts of foreign dignitaries.
Here I am with President Putin of Russia who was droning on about his fly fishing exploits. I wasn't as impressed with him as he was with me, as you can probably tell from my expression.

One great honour in my life was being introduced to Her Majesty. She is actually much shorter in real life, and has to stand on a box just to be visible in this photograph.

Note to self: not a good idea to cut your own hair.

This is my all time political hero, Michael Portillo. Like him, I have suffered electoral defeat. And far more times than him, making me much much better than him in every way. Yet thanks to the incomprehensible Holyrood voting system I still retain my seat, and lucky for Scotland that I do!

Who ate all the strawberries?